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  • Date: Wednesday, 4th April 2018 - Wednesday, 4th April 2018  
  • Time: 08:00pm  
  • Category: Culture  
  • Venue: Cultural Hall  
  • Ticket information: Free Entry – Limited Seats  
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Cultural Hall

This is a story of defiance and endurance in spite of the odds, of diaspora and the right to return. It follows two families whose saga began on May 15th, 1948, when Haifa fell to the Zionist occupying forces: The Rafi family, Palestinians who stayed in Palestine and became hostages to fate, becoming citizens of the Jewish state of Israel, and the Abu Ghaida family, Palestinians who were forced to leave and left to wander the globe in search of a country they could call their own. Both families, however, still consider 36 Abbas Street as their rightful home.

Venue Information
Cultural Hall
  Block 322, Capital Governorate, Bahrain
  Tel no:+97317298777