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  • Date: Friday, 19th January 2018 - Saturday, 30th June 2018  
  • Category: Arts  
  • Venue: Bahrain National Museum  
  • Ticket information: Free Entry  
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Bahrain National Museum

The exhibition invites the public to explore the great and multifaceted nature of Islamic culture through the spectacular al-Sabah collection of Islamic Art. Broadly divided into two parts, the display illustrates a chronological progression broken into four stages (from the very beginning of the Islamic period up to and including the three great empires of the sixteenth century) and tackles themes that run transversely through Islamic art; mainly, calligraphy, geometric decoration, vegetal, figurative art and jewellery.


Venue Information
Bahrain National Museum
The first museum in the Arabian Gulf, the Bahrain National Museum opened in 1988.
  Al Fatih Hwy,
  Tel no:+97317298777