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  • Date: Thursday, 6th December 2018 - Thursday, 6th December 2018  
  • Time: 06:30pm  
  • Category: Education  
  • Venue: Bab Al Bahrain  
  • Ticket information: Free Entry  
Bab Al-Bahrain

As cities have multiple histories that often overlap, this lecture explores different aspects of the development of Manama as a port and oil city located at the very core of the Gulf region, and of Bahrain, the historical center of world pearl production and the first country of the region to experience the oil boom.

Venue Information
Bab Al Bahrain
Situated at the entrance of the Manama Suq, Bab al Bahrain was built in 1949 and housed the government offices at the time. Once right on the sea front, Bab al Bahrain was extensively restored in the 1980s, significantly transforming the building.
  Manama Souq,
Manama 304,
  Tel no:0097317298777