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  • Date: Friday, 7th December 2018 - Friday, 7th December 2018  
  • Time: 08:00pm  
  • Category: Culture  
  • Venue: Tree of Life  
  • Ticket information: Free Entry  
Tree of Life

The open-air concert by the Ismaeel Dawas Band captures an essence of Bahraini culture, particularly as the performance is against the iconic backdrop of the Tree of Life. Take delight in the folk music of the evening, and allow yourself to immerse into the heritage, traditions and history of Bahrain.

Venue Information
Tree of Life
  Tree of Life, Off the Musakar Highway, between Riffa and Awali, near Jebel Dukhan, Bahrain, Jebel Dukhan, Bahrain
  Tel no: