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  • Date: Saturday, 12th January 2019 - Saturday, 12th January 2019  
  • Time: 01:00pm To 02:00pm  
  • Category: Sports  
  • Venue: Bahrain International Circuit  
  • Tickets available atBahrain International Circuit  
Bahrain International Circuit

The radical SR1 concept is unique and provides ample perspective on the unparalleled thrill of driving for amateurs and racing enthusiast alike. Being a driver experince only, the speed-driven exhilration of being on the track in a sport car is out of this word; it is not only a test of skill, but also a mental challenge between you , and the carve balls ahead.

Venue Information
Bahrain International Circuit
  Gate 255
Gulf of Bahrain Avenue
Umm Jidar 1062,
Sakhir , Kingdom of Bahrain
  Tel no:+973 1745 0000
Fax:+973 1745 1111